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ambai Saucepan 18cm

JP¥ 9,000   (US$ 71.80)
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ambai is a brand devised by Makoto Koizumi, a designer with a reputation for carefully crafting items who is involved in the design of all kinds of items related to daily life from chopsticks to architecture.
ambai items are finely crafted within Japan. An association of creators and designers make full use of regional features and skills finely toning the performance, materials, shape etc of an item. In this way, ambai aims to make items that are good for the user.

Made in Tsubame-Sanjo, Niigata Prefecture, a renowned production area of metal cookware.
In a very practical Japanese shape that suits Japanese cooking and is in a shape that takes heat convection into account. A handy everyday-use pan that can be used for Japanese cuisine, such as simmered foods, boiled foods, dashi etc., as well as fried and stir-fried foods. It also has a spout so can be used for soup or as a milk pan. This new pan that suits a modern lifestyle has its spout used for transferring stews and soups placed slightly to the front for easy pouring. All items in the ambai series also can be used on induction cookers. (*only Saucepan 14cm cannot be used on an induction cooker.)
Saucepans in different sizes are also often used in conjunction with each other. These can be stacked and so don't take up much space when being stored.
This pan is made of aluminum 3-layer steel - aluminum sandwiched between stainless steel. The inside is 18-8 stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance. By polishing it until shiny, stains don't adhere easily to it and it is easy to clean. The inner core material is pure aluminum which has superb thermal conductivity. The outer side is made of 18-0 stainless steel suitable for induction cooking. This material provides even heating and prevents burning from easily occurring. Also, the handle is made of teak which has good resistance to water. The handle keeps away heat from the pan and is easy to grip. The wood portion of this item is replaceable so you can keep on using it for many years to come.
●Materials: [Main Materials] stainless steel,​ aluminum 3-layer steel 1.5mm,​ [Handle] oil finished teak
●Size (approx.): Measurements: 355 x 195 x 110mm,​ Full Water Capacity: 1.6L
●Weight (item only): approx. 590g
●Weight (including packaging material): approx. 745g
●Made in Niigata Prefecture
●Brand Name: ambai
[Handling Precautions]
*This item is for cooking at home. Do not use for any other purpose.
*Read the instruction manual well before use. After use,​ carefully store.
*The instruction manual is for the Japanese market.
*The instruction manual is in Japanese.
*This item can be used on all gas cookers and cooking heaters including 200V electromagnetic cookers.
*Use cookware that is appropriate for its application.
*Do not use for any purpose other than its intended one.
*Do not leave unattended when cooking. This may cause a fire.
*Do not heat while empty. This may cause a fire.
[Before Use]
*Although every effort has been made when it comes to the materials used,​ should there unfortunately be a defect,​ do not use and contact customer service.
*Check that the handle attachment isn't damaged or loose before using.
*Do not attempt to fix damage or looseness yourself,​ as it is dangerous.
*When using for the first time,​ wash properly with a sponge and kitchen detergent,​ then rinse well. Even by doing so,​ should black substances (abrasives) still adhere to the item,​ put water in,​ boil and then dispose of this water.
*After washing for the first time,​ wipe pot. If the cloth you use goes black (the abrasives are harmless to the body) wash again.
[Usage Precautions]
*During and after cooking,​ the pot and handle will be hot and there is a risk or burning yourself. Do not touch the pot with bare hands. Use a pot gripper etc.
Place out of reach of children so that they are not able to touch it.
*Put pot on the center of the cooker and use when in a stable condition.
*Use so that the flame doesn't extend from out the side of the pot base. Flames may burn the handle and cause a bad smell. Adjust handle position so that it is not in contact with the heat from a nearby flame.
*Do not attempt to fix handle damage or looseness yourself,​ as it is dangerous.
*Should the wood handle screw be loose,​ fix by tightening it.
*Should looseness not go away,​ please contact customer support.
*Do not heat when empty. Doing so may cause a fire,​ deformation of the main body,​ damage to the handle and knob or burns.
*Use so that it doesn't boil over. This may extinguish the gas flame and damage your cooking appliance.
*Do not use with water filled up to top capacity. Hot water may become ejected,​ causing burns and damage to your cooking appliance.
*Do not subject to strong impacts such as dropping from a high place. This may cause damage and deformation.
*Do not use from tempura,​ stir-fried dishes etc. There is a risk of fire if the oil temperature is more than 200°C.
*Do no use on a charcoal stove,​ heating stove and with unsuitable heat sources such as a microwave. This may cause damage or a fire.
*Do not leave unattended while cooking. Be sure to turn off heat if you have to leave it unattended.
*Directly after adding miso when cooking miso soup etc.,​ or when reheating,​ immediately stir well. The contents may splatter out due to explosive boiling.
[Precautions when using an electromagnetic cooker]
*Depending on the device,​ this may not be useable. Please check your electromagnetic cooker's instruction manual before use.
*Before cooking,​ be sure to check that the base of the pot adheres to the top plate of your electromagnetic cooker.
*To ensure effectiveness,​ wipe off any moisture droplets from the pot base before placing on the top plate.
*Place in the center of the electromagnetic cooker and use in a stable state.
*Do not leave unattended while cooking.
*Using on high heat may cause deformation of the item body and damage to your appliance,​ so use at medium heat and lower.
*Electromagnetic cookers heat pots to a high temperature in just a few seconds. Heating while empty will cause deformation and damage so do not so so. Turn on your cooker's switch when the pot has something inside.
*When cooking with an electromagnetic cooker,​ strange sounds may occur. This is resonance created by factors related to the pot weight & position,​ content weight and heating state. If this occurs,​ changing the pot position and lowering heat will alter the vibration condition,​ and so the sound will stop.
*When using a tabletop electromagnetic cooker,​ take proper care not to snag it with your hand or clothing,​ spill the contents or drop the pot. This will cause burns,​ and item damage and deformation.
*Be mindful of oil spillage and adhesion. This may damage your cooking heater.
*Be sure to check your cooking heater's "heat guide" when using.
*Do not use on a induction cooker heater set at more than 3kw or on cooking appliances you cannot change the heat power on. If the heat is too high,​ the base may become deformed or discolored.
[Precautions when using a gas cooker]
*Use so that the flame doesn't extend from out the side of the pot base.
*Be careful that oil doesn't spill out. This may cause a fire.
*Read your gas cooker's instruction manual and use correctly.
*When using a portable gas stove,​ the base of the pot may not be stable depending on the trivet shape. It especially slides easily when placed on a flat trivet,​ so be sure to check stability before use.
[Regarding Care/Storage]
*After use,​ wash with a sponge and kitchen detergent,​ then wipe off moisture. If you leave with moisture adhered,​ the chlorine ions in tap water may cause white spots to form on the surface. In the same way,​ if you do not properly care for the item,​ a white powdery substance will adhere to it and cause rainbow colored discoloration. These hardened trace components within tap water. These adhered substances will not affect your health but,​ if you are concerned,​ wash with a cleanser or add vinegar to water and simmer on a low heat for a few minutes to remove.
*Should it be left with salty or acidic dirty adhered to the surface,​ or should it be left in a humid place,​ these white spots may occur.
*Should you wish to remove scorch marks etc,​ soak in hot water and remove after they have softened. Do not use metallic hard items to clean.
*After cooking,​ do not store with the contents left inside. This may cause white spots,​ so transfer to another container.
*Do not leave in contact with different kinds of iron and aluminum items. This may cause white spots.
*Should these spots occur,​ remove by washing with a sponge and cleanser.
*Do not store pot in a high place. It may fall on the floor when you try to take it down.
*Due to characteristics of the materials,​ the main material may discolor due to heating (the inner side may become a rainbow color). This is an oxidized film on the surface created by heat (oxide film) and does not affect your health. If you wish to remove it,​ add a cleaner or metal polish to a scrubbing pad and rub to remove.
*Can be used over an open flame and on an induction cooker.
*Should there be no stock,​ item manufacture will take place after order placement. Depending on the item,​​ delivery may be delayed. Contact customer service regarding the delivery date.
Item No.  W11722

ambai Saucepan 18cm
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