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Size 9 Earthenware Pot Sometsuke Style Camellia

JP¥ 15,000   (US$ 136.89)
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This product represents a collaboration between the Kutani Wagama style, in the form of a hand-made lid, and the traditional Bankoyaki style, supplying an earthenware pot. Hand-made, hand-painted Sometsuke style size 9 earthenware pot (for use over open flame). A "simple is modern" design featuring a Sometsuke pattern using a single indigo color.
[Sometsuke Style] Known also in China as "blue flower", cobalt-based paint called "gosu" is is applied mixed with water and applied to a porcelain base to sketch out the item's pattern. It is then coated with glass glaze and fired. As the Sometsuke method involves painting directly on to the bare porcelain, it is no exaggeration to say that the quality good or bad is a direct expression of the painter's brushstrokes and passion.
Featuring a camellia pattern that blossoms from winter through spring, this hand-made earthenware item has the characteristic thick-walled construction that unlike porcelain the water-absorbent properties of the material allow. Made with 50% petalite, it has greater heat resistance and lighter weight than usual. The hand-painted picture of pretty camellia has been applied with a gentle touch to light up this piece. Suitable both for everyday use when relaxing with friends and family, and for impressing visiting guests.

Kutaniyaki has been designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry as a traditional Japanese craft.
JAPAN KUTANI is an art that represents Japan! This work of art boasts five colors that show the history and tradition of the Kaga Hyakuman-koku, a fief known for producing a million "koku" (about five million bushels) of rice.
Featuring a bold, original composition and rich, beautiful use of colors, this glazed pottery has breathtaking expressive qualities that represent the best of Japanese crafts.
This style of pottery was created approximately 360 years ago (around 1655, in the early Edo period) in the village of Kutani, located in the Daishoji domain (part of the Kaga clan) to symbolize the glory of Kaga Hyakuman-koku. This pottery boasts a focus on dazzling, luxurious decorative glazing and a unique style that colorfully illustrates the atmosphere of daily life.
The appeal of Kutaniyaki can be found in its coloring, the Kutani Five Colors - red, blue (green), yellow, purple, and navy - that form its base while the shimmering, transparent appearance of the glaze brings out its depictive qualities. The combination of the strong sturdy porcelain material and the graceful, elegant use of the five colors has established a style of innovative, artistic pottery.
Under the name JAPAN KUTANI, this pottery has been known as an export since the Meiji period that has grown to have wide name recognition and popularity in the West. One man in particular, named Shoza Kutani, established a line of "colored brocade" vases and other works that planted the seeds of worldwide popularity thanks to his exhibition at a World Expo.
This history, tradition, and thought continues to this day in the vibrant appearance of Kutaniyaki, which is created with the feelings of craftsmen who wish to add vibrancy and warmth to the long winters of the Hokuriku region. The beauty of the glass glaze and its smooth, transparent appearance attracts pottery enthusiasts from all corners of the world.
●Materials: ceramic
●Size (approx.): depth 29cm x width 31.5cm x height 14cm
●Weight (product only): approx. 2400g
●Weight (packaging incl.): approx. 2700g
●Made in Ishikawa,​ Japan
●Brand Name: Kutaniyaki
[Handling Cautions]
*Items made using gold,​ silver (including gold & silver leaf) and metal (parts) cannot be used in the microwave.
*Not heat-resistant: please do not use in ovens or other heating appliances.
*When using in household or commercial dishwashers,​ high-pressure cleaning (polishing) may cause the removal of color,​ loss of transparency,​ and lost of luster. Please do not clean in dishwashers.
*Please clean with a soft sponge and pH-neutral dish detergent soon after use. Wash as soon as possible,​ rinse and dry properly before storing.
*In order to prevent the risk of damage to the item,​ please do not use abrasive sponges,​ nylon or metal brushes,​ or abrasive cleansers,​ as they may cause the gold,​ silver,​ paint or adhesive to peel off or damage the surface.
*The feet of Kutani ware items are not coated with glaze. Minimal polishing has been performed but scratches may occur in places that come into direct contact with it. Take care when using on soft or easily damaged surfaces such as alcoves ("Toko-no-ma"),​ flower tables,​ shelves,​ tables and lacquer-finished surfaces,​ and be sure to lay something underneath.
*Please do not use this item for anything other than its intended purpose.
[Other Notes]
*Suitable for use in dryer.
*As each item is hand-made one-by-one,​ the color,​ pattern & shape may differ slightly from the photos.
*Should there be no stock,​ item manufacture will take place after order placement. Depending on the item,​ delivery may be delayed. Please contact customer service regarding the delivery date.
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Size 9 Earthenware Pot Sometsuke Style Camellia
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