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Chopsticks,​ Heptagonal Makassar Ebony,​ Joboji Lacquer Finish,​ [22.0cm]

JP¥ 15,000   (US$ 119.67)
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High-quality wood chopsticks made of Makassar ebony, a kind of the luxury material ebony, that has strikingly beautiful streaks.
In order to make the most of its characteristic beautiful grain, it is shaped into various delicate polygon shapes bringing the streaks out on the surface.
As well as being hard and durable, it will of course adapt to your hand over time and deepen your attachment to it.
●Materials: ebony,​ lacquer
●Size (approx.): 22.0cm
●Made in Obama,​ Fukui Prefecture
●Brand Name: Issou
●Handling Precautions:
*Soon after using,​ wash in cold or warm water and wipe with a dry cloth.
*Store out of direct sunlight. Item may warp or change color.
*Do not use near an open flame.
*Do not use polishing powder or a scourer on this item.
*Do not put in a dishwasher or dryer,​ or heat in a microwave.
*Quickly replace if lacquer cracks or is damaged.
*Do not use these for anything other than as chopsticks.
*Take care so that children do not use these incorrectly.
*Some people may develop a rash or other reaction after contact with lacquer.
Item No.  W13006

Chopsticks,​ Heptagonal Makassar Ebony,​ Joboji Lacquer Finish,​ [22.0cm]
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