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Koda-Yaki Double-Spout Kodawari Mortar

JP¥ 2,700   (US$ 21.54)
Special Shipping Cost:  Asia: JP¥ 770   North America/Oceania: JP¥ 1,090
Europe: JP¥ 1,200   Africa/South America: JP¥ 1,370
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A superb item from a lifestyle master series. A mortar adorned with a mysterious "vortex pattern" devised by the 7th generation of a long-established pottery founded more than 300 years ago. Conventional mortar grooves are usually vertically positioned for right-handed users. However, by making them into a vortex pattern, even those who are left-handed can grind more easily and speedily. This double-spout type with a pouring spout on either side is the perfect item for vegetables that let out liquid such as yams and radishes.
The grains of soil are sparsely distributed so the friction force is increased. The use of curved grooves means that force is evenly applied, so you can quickly and evenly grind food items. Made so that it is easy to use for both left-handed and right-handed people. It can also be used to serve salad etc. Please enjoy this superb item, which has also won a good design award, in your home!
●Materials: ceramic
●Made in Tajimi,​ Gifu Prefecture
●Brand Name: Koda-Yaki
●Size: Diameter 16.5 x Height 8cm
●Weight (item only)[G]: 560
●Weight (including packaging materials)[G]: 570
●Handling Precautions:
*Before using for the first time,​ it is recommended that you wash it with water,​ allow it to dry properly and then use.
*Wash with water before use. As it absorbs moisture,​ if you allow it to soak up moisture before use,​ it will stain less easily.
*After using,​ rinse in clean water,​ dry properly and then store. This will prevent mold and stains.
*When serving salads or marinated dishes,​ if you immerse in water beforehand,​ it will not absorb dressing and oil so easily.
*When using this in the microwave,​ sudden temperature change may cause breakage. Avoid cooling/heating suddenly.
*Cracked or chipped items may injure the hand or mouth so do not use them.
*Do not use in unstable or high places as this may cause damage or injury.
*Do not use on an open flame.
*Cannot be washed in a dishwasher.
*Do not use in an oven.
*Do not subject to strong impacts.
*In order to retains its beauty for a long time,​ washing by hand is recommended.
*When hand washing,​ use a synthetic kitchen detergent and soft sponge or cloth.
*Metal scourers,​ sponges with polishing agents,​ cleansers etc have adverse effects on the item surface so do not use them.
*Do not use for any purpose other than its intended one.
*Due to characteristics of the item,​ the appearance and shape may differ slightly from the photos.
*Should there be no stock,​​ item manufacture will take place after order placement. Depending on the item,​​ delivery may be delayed. Contact customer service regarding the delivery date.
Item No.  W13421

Koda-Yaki Double-Spout Kodawari Mortar
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