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New Light Chazuke,​ Gosu-Maki Arabesque

JP¥ 800   (US$ 6.38)
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A thin, light rice bowl designed with a water-draining detail. With handy functionality that allows for everyday use.
●Materials: porcelain
●Size: Diameter 11.5 x 5.5cm
●Weight (g)(item only): 115
●Weight (g)(including packaging materials): 265
●Made in Hasami,​ Nagasaki Prefecture
●Brand Name: Kino Seikatsugu
●Handling Precautions:
・When using a microwave,​ sudden temperature changes may cause breakage. Avoid sudden cooling/heating.
・Cracked and chipped items may cause injury to the hand,​ mouth etc.,​ so do not use them.
・Using in an unstable place or high place may cause damage or injury.
・Do not subject to strong impacts.
・This item has been polished. However,​ do not drag on a table top etc. as this may cause scratching. Take proper care when handling.
・Porcelain will show stains after repeated use. This can be removed by using common bleach.
・Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.
・Can be used in the dishwasher and microwave.
・Please kindly understand that individual differences in color unevenness,​ pattern color,​ color depth,​ blurring etc. occur in each picture.
・Should there be no stock,​​ item manufacture will take place after order placement. Depending on the item,​​ delivery may be delayed. Contact customer service regarding the delivery date.
Item No.  W14032

New Light Chazuke,​ Gosu-Maki Arabesque
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