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Age-Daruma Chopsticks Set,​ Black

JP¥ 3,000   (US$ 23.93)
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A wondrous, auspicious upward-facing daruma chopsticks & Echizen-yaki chopsticks set!
It carries many auspicious meanings: Place them down and the upward facing design will increase your luck and improve results/performance. Also, as it stands up and doesn't fall down, it brings success in test passing and selection. Just like a self-righting doll, it helps you stand back up again when life has knocked you down. Also, this idea of "rising" also relates to health and longevity, and not being bedridden and, as it returns to normal, recovering from illness and safe travel.

The chopsticks are made using Fukui eyeglass manufacturing techniques which are over 100 years old. With weight inserted appropriately to great a good weight balance and ease of use. Also, the upward facing design makes for an auspicious pair of chopsticks. The thumb fits into the indentation on the holding area, creating a natural and beautiful holding position. Also, the tips are non-slip processed. The chopstick rest is Echizen-yaki, one of the Nihon Rokkoyo - 6 ancient kilns in Japan. It is a handmade item by the young traditional craftsman Katsuyuki Sokura with the daruma's face drawn using laser light.
●Materials: PBT resin,​ urethane coating,​ ceramic
●Size: [Item Size] Total Length 22.5cm,​ [Box Size] Total Length 250 x Total Width 57 x Height 25mm
●Weight (g) (item only): 40
●Weight (g) (including packaging materials): [Item Size] Total Length 22.5cm,​ [Box Size] Total Length 250 x Total Width 57 x Height 25mm
●Made in Fukui,​ Sabae,​ Echizen,​ Fukui Prefecture
●Brand Name: PICKLIP
●Handling Precautions:
・Suitable for dishwashers and for boiling temperatures. However,​ definitely do no put in a microwave.
・For cleaning,​ use a soft sponge or cloth. Do not use a scourer or abrasives.
・Do not store in direct sunlight as this may cause discoloration.
・Should it be broken or the paint cracked,​ replace immediately.
・The tips are fine so take special care when used by children.
・Do not use for any purpose other than for meal times.
・Can be used in the dishwasher.
・Please kindly understand that,​ due to item characteristics,​ color,​ shape and measurements may differ from the photos.
・Should there be no stock,​ item manufacture will take place upon order placement. Delivery may be delayed depending on the item. Please contact customer support regarding the delivery date.
Item No.  W14756

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