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Tankokusen Gold & Platinum Spa Water Cream 100ml

JP¥ 4,000   (US$ 31.91)
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Gives you full, soft skin all day! This is all you need after washing your face! An all-in-one cream with 6 functions. The beauty essence that gushes out of the cream moisturizes while covering your skin in a veil.
Contains 20 kinds of natural ingredients such as powerful beauty ingredients, gold leaf, platinum (platinum nanocolloid), plant-derived placenta extract, coenzyme Q10, hot spring water (Izu Shuzenji), hyaluronan and collagen. It exudes a sweet, refreshing fragrance thanks to the organic lavender oil from France. The ecological container is in an airless design (it doesn't oxidize easily) which takes the environment into account.
●Materials: hot spring water,​ dimethicone,​ glycerin,​ dimethicone/PEG-10/15 crosspolymer,​ squalane,​ Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer,​ PCA-Na,​ proline,​ sodium lactate,​ sorbitol,​ hydrolyzed collagen,​ macadamia nut oil,​ almond oil,​ xanthane gum,​ sodium hyaluronate,​ citrus grandis (grapefruit) seed extract,​ sodium chloride,​ magnesium chloride,​ black strap powder,​ gold,​ sake lees extract,​ brown algae extract,​ angelica keiskei extract,​ sodium hydrogen carbonate,​ cellulose gum,​ platinum,​ silver,​ ubiquinone,​ squalane,​ tocopheryl acetate,​ hinokitiol,​ magnesium ascorbyl phosphate,​ dipotassium glycyrrhizinate,​ chikusaku-eki,​ lavender oil
●Size: 50 x 50 x 187mm
●Contents: 100ml
●Weight (approx. g)(including packaging materials): 185
●Made in Japan
●Brand Name: Tankokusen
●Instructions: Take a suitable amount in your hand and gently massage into entire face. Can also be used as a full body moisturizing cream.
※When using as a beauty pack: apply 2-3 pushes thickly and allow the beauty ingredients to become confined within.
●Usage Precautions:
・Discontinue use should this disagree with your skin.
・Do no use if you have an abnormality on your skin such as a wound,​ swelling or eczema.
・Rinse well with lots of cold or warm water should this get in your eyes.
・If you observe an abnormality during use such as irritation,​ discontinue use and consult with an eye doctor or dermatologist. If you continue to use,​ the symptoms may worsen.
・Keep out of reach of small children and out of places with direct sunlight.
・Do not put extracted content back into the container. This may cause deterioration.
・Due to the use of naturally derived ingredients,​ there may be slight discoloration. However,​ there is no problem with the ingredients.
・After opening,​ it is recommended to use this within 4 months.
・Made using a recycled container. When empty,​ use a refill bottle.
・By setting a pump,​ this has an airless design. You can use it to the last drop without the content coming in contact with external air.
・Soft Cartridge: Thanks to the multi-layered film,​ the contents are kept fresher.
●How to refill: A type where you replace the inner container with the refill container (soft cartridge).
1. Put the refill bottle with its cap on into the main item (body portion).
2. Align the concave portion on the top shoulder of the main item (body portion) with the convex groove on the shoulder of the refill bottle and drop to fix in place.
3. Rotate the shoulder ring of the main item to secure.
4. Remove the cap from the refill bottle.
5. Stabilize on a desk top etc. so that the content doesn't spill out and turn the lower part of the pump clockwise to securely install.
※Refill Soft Cartridge: Can be easily folded up so you can dispose of it compactly.
※Refill Cap: Made using high-quality recycled paper,​ so you can dispose of as flammable waste.
・This item contains lots of naturally-derived ingredients,​ so color and fragrance may be slightly different. Also,​ please kindly understand that tone and shape may differ slightly.
・Should there be no stock,​ item manufacture will take place upon order placement. Delivery may be delayed depending on the item. Please contact customer support regarding the delivery date.
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Tankokusen Gold & Platinum Spa Water Cream 100ml
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