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Ceramic Stainless Steel Coffee Mill (Migaki)

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Enjoy special coffee created using manual tools! A stainless steel coffee mill (Migaki). The stainless steel body is carefully polished at a polishing store and glows with a shining luster. As it has a ceramic blade, there is no metal smell and it won't impair the original flavor of coffee. With a screw that allows you to adjust the coarseness to your liking. Also has a silicone grip that allows you to properly exert force when grinding coffee beans.
The ceramic blade doesn't wear down easily and retains its original grinding sharpness. The ceramic blade can be removed (inner blade only) and won't rust when washed with water, so you can always keep it clean. Enjoy the freshly ground taste.
●Materials: [Lid,​ Body,​ container] 18-8 stainless steel,​ polypropylene resin (Heat Tolerance100°C),​ polyacetal resin (Heat Tolerance100°C),​ stainless steel,​ iron (unichrome plating),​ [Handle] stainless steel,​ polypropylene resin (Heat Tolerance100°C),​ [blade portion] ceramic porcelain,​ [Non-Slip Grip] silicone rubber (Made in Taiwan) (Heat Tolerance180°C)
●Size: [Body] approx. Diameter 46 x Height 135mm,​ [Handle] approx. 28 x 113 x Height 35mm,​ [container Capacity] approx. 120ml,​ [Bean Capacity] approx. 17g
●Weight (item only)(approx. g): 219
●Weight (including packaging materials)(approx. g): 300
●Made in Tsubame & Sanjo,​ Niigata Prefecture
●Brand Name: MILLU (Kawasaki Plastics Co.,​ Ltd.)
●Usage Precautions:
・When using for the first time,​ add kitchen detergent and wash well with a sponge etc. Rinse well and then use.
・Cannot be washed in a dishwasher so avoid doing so.
●Regarding Care:
・After cleaning in water using a soft cloth or sponge and mild detergent,​ finish off washing using hot water,​ drain and then dry.
・Steel scourers,​ scouring powders etc may damage the surface so do not use them.
●How to use:
① Open the upper lid and put in beans.
② Adjust fineness.
③ Turn handle to grind.
Should there be no stock,​ manufacture will take place after order placement. Delivery may be delayed,​ depending on the item. Please contact customer support regarding the delivery date.
Item No.  W15114

Ceramic Stainless Steel Coffee Mill (Migaki)
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