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Inner Cup

JP¥ 800   (US$ 6.38)
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An inner cup for a PAINA POT. Do you want to make more efficient use of your large capacity PAINA POT? This inner cup allows you to divide and store items. You can store 2 kinds of foods, divided and sealed, at the same time. This can be warmed in the microwave, so you can heat up soup, rice etc. You can also use it for serving salad and other foods on the dining table. Also handy for long-term storage of food such as miso and pickles.
●Materials: polypropylene
●Size: 138 x 190 x 70mm (for 1),​ [Capacity] approx. 1.3L
●Weight (g)(item only): 174
●Weight (g)(including packaging materials): 186
●Made in Japan
●Handling Precautions:
・Do not leave near fire.
・Do not heat over an open flame or in an oven or grill. This will cause deformation,​ breakage and fire.
・Scrubbing with a scourer or polishing powder will cause scratches.
・Do not disinfect by boiling. This may cause discoloration,​ deformation and breakage.
・If you put in food with strong odors,​ the odor may transfer to the container etc.
・The container etc. may become stained with color due to dark colored food or food containing artificial colorings.
・For safety reasons,​ should this become cracked or chipped,​ discontinue use.
・Do not leave in direct sunlight for a long time. This may cause discoloration and deformation.
・Do not use this item for anything other than its intended purpose.
●Microwave Usage Precautions:
・Only use for heating up. ※Cannot be used for cooking.
・Be sure to properly check your microwave's instruction manual before using.
・Cannot be used in oven or grill functions.
・Heat food that doesn't contain much moisture,​ a small amount for food etc. for a short time.
・Avoid heating food that contains lots of oil or sugar. ※There is a chance that the heat tolerance may be exceeded.
・Do not use in the microwave if this item is chipped or cracked.
・Can be used in industrial use microwave ovens.
・Do not heat this item while empty.
・If there is no stock,​ item manufacture will take place after order placement. Delivery may be delayed depending on the item. Please contact customer support regarding the delivery date.
・[Body] Polypropylene Heat Tolerance 140°C,​ Cold Tolerance 20°C
・[Lid] Polypropylene Heat Tolerance 120°C,​ Cold Tolerance 20°C
Item No.  W15313

Inner Cup
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