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Yumeya Hachiman original dry Kanoko polo shirt Men's

JP¥ 4,900   (US$ 39.09)
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Original dry Kanoko polo shirt. 5.3 oz. Normal Type Polo. UV Excellent cut, slit is at the side of the left and right hem. In addition, the collar has a firm neck that uses ribs.
Men's & Women's design. Two color schemes of Black & Turquoise and Red & Black. With the print of Kagemusha the shadow warrior of KYOTO JAPAN. 3 Sizes of M, L, XL. It is a masterpiece design of Yumeya Hachiman!!

Characteristics of Kanoko fabrics
The fine irregularities on the surface of the fabric made by alternating the front and back knitting. It is said to be a deer knit because it looks like a spotted pattern on the back of a deer. It is characterized by a very good breathability, to touch the skin with points, instead of the surface.

Image of the Emperor of the Samurai
It is said that the Emperor Ogami, who is the 15th Emperor, is a emperor who fights so much that there is a horse-race conquest theory. Became Hachiman God in the later world.
Hachiman of the Yumeya Hachiman was originally named after Hachiman Taro Yoshiya who was the master carpenter of Genji who was the first in the shrine.
Hachiman is the one that was named by the Emperor of God, the Hachiman God, the Emperor Ohjin.
Yumeya Hachiman also creates a haunting character as a shadow warrior martial artist.
●Colors: A/ Black・Turquoise,​ B/ Red・Black
●Material: Cotton 60%,​ Polyester 40%
●Size (Aprox. cm):
M/ Width 49,​ Length 68,​ Shoulder Width 42,​ Sleeve Length 23
L/ Width 53,​ Length 71,​ Shoulder Width 46,​ Sleeve Length 23
XL/ Width 57,​ Length 76,​ Shoulder Width 50,​ Sleeve Length 24
●Brand name: Yumeya Hachiman
●Origin: Japan (Kyoto Prefecture)
[Handling Precautions]
・Wash with similar colors.
・Do not use softeners.
・Please use a non-fluorescent detergent.
・Please do not leave it wet.
・There may be color transfer due to friction or sweat.
・The pilling may occur due to friction when wearing or washing.
Item No.  W15379

Yumeya Hachiman original dry Kanoko polo shirt Men's
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