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HARIO stainless mug MIOLOVE (black)

JP¥ 2,000   (US$ 15.96)
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Mug cup that allows you to enjoy wine like aroma, coffee
Supervised by WORLD BREWERS CUP 2015 winner, Odd Steiner.
With vacuum double structure, that doesn’t make outside surface hot even with hot beverages inside, but also doesn’t condensed when you put cold beverages inside. If you remove the lid, you can enjoy the aroma and taste of coffee like a wine glass, thanks to inner bottle also being round shape. The lid can be open or closed by a slide. The product has sturdy structure due to its strong stainless type, making it also useful for outdoor. With fit on hand silhouette. Eco friendly that reduces the use of one time use cup.
・Material: [Body] Stainless steel,​ [Lid] Polypropylene,​ [Packing] Silicone rubber
・Size: Diameter 77 x Height 106 x Mouth Diameter 66mm,​ capacity amount 270ml
・Weight (g) (item only): 100
・Weight (g) (with packing material): 200
・Country of origin: China
・Brand name: HARIO
Item No.  W15627

HARIO stainless mug MIOLOVE (black)
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