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Yumeya Hachiman Original linen jacket

JP¥ 29,800   (US$ 271.95)
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A high-quality item made with 100% Irish linen.
With loose, large size.
Choose from the available size specs,
Dyeing process is done in Kyoto, while the sewing process is done in China.
Kyoto is a popular place for dyeing items such as kimono’s crest.
On that note, dyeing clothes is the main job of Yoshioka Ichimon, who has fought with Miyamoto Musashi & Ichijouji Sagarimatsu.
Wear this jacket to feel a sensation of ancient city of Kyoto.
・Materials: 100% linen
・Color: Black
・Pattern: Dobby pattern (woven)
・Brand name: Yumeya Hachiman
・Made in China (Dyeing: Japan (Kyoto))
Item No.  W15671

Yumeya Hachiman Original linen jacket
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