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Kashiki-gata,​ Wooden Mold For Sweets,​ Pine

Kashiki-gata is an indispensable tool for making Japanese sweets. The wooden moulds sculpted by Traditional Industrial Artisan Yoshihiro Ichihara have lately gained attention as ornamental items.
Place sugar or bean paste in between two of the finished wood moulds to create various shaped candies.

Traditional Industrial Artisan Yoshihiro Ishihara
■1999 - Kashiki-gata was recognized as a Traditional Arts and Crafts of Kagawa Prefecture, also Mr. Ichihara was recognized as Traditional Industrial Artisan of the Prefecture.
■November 25, 2004 - Received the "Craftsman of Today" award, an award of excellent skill, from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare
■November 16, 2006 - Received the Medal With Yellow Ribbon

•Material: Japanese Cherry Wood
•Size (Mold) : Diameter (approx.) 3cm
•For making the sweet with a weight of: (approx.) 7g
•Type of making 5 pcs
•For making Higashi sweets (dry confectionery served during a Japanese tea ceremony)
•After usage,​ please rinse with water and wipe by soft cloth. For standing long use,​ please wrap by paper or newspaper during storage.
The hand-crafting production will begin after the order has been placed. As a result,​ it may take more time than usual for delivery.
Please e-mail us for further inquiries.

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