Tango Crepe
Light. Washable. No wrinkles.New durable, convenient Tango Crepe Isshiki Crepe

Tango crepe weave, with a history of approximately 300 years. Tango crepe--modern, yet made traditionally--has so many strengths!
Point 1 Its special feel and its gloss, which softly absorbs light.The way it resists wrinkling, can be easily washed, and quickly dries. Point 2 The use of kimono collar and  obi-scarf material on the lining. The feel of luxury comes about because of the weave of these elements.
Point 4 Because both the outside and lining are durable, elegant polyester, there is no shrinkage or bleeding, for use without worry. Point 3 Light, yet so strong! Uses polyester crepe that combines an elegant drape with a short drying time.

The Special Features of Tango Crepe

↑ The special bump pattern of Tango crepe.
Traditional techniques developed in a center of silk weave production.

Isshiki Crepe products are every-day Tango crepe items you can use and wash.

The Isshiki Crepe building in Tango

And look at the patterns, which utilize the special properties of the crepe!Motifs from nature such as flowers, water, rain, pebbles and the earth, given a graphic redesign.

Easy to use in unique shapes. Isshiki Crepe's original bags are very popular!

Tie Bags (Square)  

Size (approx.): W44cm x H31cm x diameter 17cm

JPY 3,800

Triangle Bag
JPY 5,500

These simple and chic patterns and accessories are also very popular.
Japanese Ribbon Square Apron

Height 54cm x Length 60cm,
cord length 100cm

JPY 3,700
Japanese Ribbon Mini Bag

Height 15cm x Length 26cm
x Depth 12cm

JPY 4,600
Smart Bag

Height 24cm x Length 33cm
x Depth 7.5cm

JPY 6,600

One-Handed Mini Bag

Height 20cm x Length 18cm x Depth 6cm

JPY 3,300

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The history of Tango crepe

Amanohashidate, one of Japan's top three views.
The beautiful sunset over Tango peninsula.