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Technology and skill combine, leading to ultimate comfort.

“The origin of zabuton cushions is actually the mushiro woven mat.

In ancient times tatami mats were developed from mushiro woven mat that served as both bedding and carpeting, and was an item of status and prestige. From these mats, the first zabuton cushions were developed. Using cotton imported since the Kamakura period and shape still in existance today with internal cotton padding, that has been around since around the Edo period. The spread to ordinary people was slow and only began around the Taisho era.” This is what Mr. Kato told us about the history of the zabuton cushion.”The cushion has two sides, you can tell this by looking carefully at the seams. The center decorative string that looks like an arrow is for knowing where the front of the cushion is when placed down for sitting on. “I know the history of zabuton cushions well for a Japanese person, and until now it has merely been affectionately loved as an lifestyle item, but in the future will its usage perhaps change again?” Mr. Kato's deep fondness for these items makes him able to use his knowledge to create products of quality.

The material is adjusted depending on the season.

These items are carefully still created by hand. Not only does Mr. Kato use knowledge and techniques handed down through generations, but also makes items that gently fit in with modern lifestyle. “We have developed a selection of items that range from small zabuton cushions (kozabuton) with a modern twist, to meisan-ban size cushions that are used in ryokan inns and temples. As these items are created using correct knowledge and solid skills, it is essential that they are put to proper use. As well as adjusting the padding volume whilst considering the body weight ratio and body size, the amount of grams entered are carefully fine-tuned as the padding experiences subtle changes due to humidity and temperature. When sitting on the cushion, you are sure to experience this comfort and complementary balance.”

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    • 1. The meisen-ban size is used in ryokan inns and temples. These zabuton are thick and provide stable sitting comfort.
    • 2. The wealth of patterns available make these perfect gifts. Lumbar pillows with proven comfort, made of 100% polyester.
    • 3. With a balance of 90% cotton and 10% polyester to take body weight ratio into account. Verstatile small zabuton cushions called kozabuton.
    • 4. This type for use on chairs is perfect for modern life. Thanks to the combination of polyurethane and memory foam material, you will not get tired even if sitting for a long time.
    • 5. An insight into cratfing creation. The thread is used to hold the padding in place securely and aslo performs the role of displaying the correct seating position.