Edokiriko Conveying the Purity And Japanese Spirit of the Edo Period  Arts That Produce A Traditional Feel And The Brilliance Of A Prism
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The 100Year History of Edo Kiriko
"Kiriko" refers to glass with a cut and engraved pattern.
Edo Kiriko first originated at Daiden Umamachi in Edo (present day Tokyo) in 1834., when Kyubei Kagaya started exploring the technique of cutting patterns into the surface of glass. It is said today that this is the start of the Edo Kiriko that is known in present times.
Although glass-cutting originated in Europe, the arts and skills came to surpass those of Europe to create original arts and crafts that are still being employed in modern times. Stories state the Admiral Perry, who arrived in Japan on the black gunships, was impressed by the skills employed.
Fundamentally, the straight lines carved into Kiriko are the same as the lines in kimono that the people of Edo loved. With its symmetric control and detail, it makes for a simple yet cool and showy item. Inherited from the Edo Period, this is a special container that lets you enjoy a pure harmony. Unlike Satsuma Kiriko, the history of Edo Kiriko has survived natural disasters and war without dying out. As it brings culture and usefulness into one's lifestyle, it is said to be "Culture Raised By The People".