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Kashiki-gata -Traditional Industrial Artisan Yoshihiro Ichihara-

Kashiki-gata is


Made From Cherry Blossom Trees About 100 Years Old, Thoroughly Dried

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Care For Ornamental Use

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Glass artisan Junko Hirama was able to overcome various obstacles to reproduce the crane, turtle, pine tree, bamboo, and plum shapes from the wood mould in beautiful white glass. Featured in a window display of the very famous department store, Ginza Mitsukoshi.
Hang the wood mould as is for a painting-like image.
Its beauty will have people stopping to take a look.
White motif made from the wood mould and the shapes of those moulds featured in Mr. Ichihara's show room.  
The image of the shaped sugar. The beautiful finished shape exceeds expectations during the sculpting stage.
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A mark indicating a traditional craft product of Kagawa Prefecture.
Indicates an product for use in everyday life recognised as being created using traditional materials and techniques passed down from at least the Meiji era.