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Kinran Collar and Leash
The Japanese "Four Seasons" and Kyoto's "Elegance" on Collars & Leashes

An Attention-Getting Item For Dog Walks or Runs  Highest Quality Collar & Leash

The Detail of High Quality… Natural Leather and Kinran Pure Silk, Gentle To Your Dog And The Environment

Kyoto Nishijin  Highest Quality Kinran   True Italian Highest-Grade Natural Leather

Collars & Leashes


A color that's just full of passion and energy. Extravagant and brilliant colors are sure to captivate one's eyes.
A color with a hint of cuteness.
Pink is a color that calms one down mentally as well as allevating tension for a relaxing effect.
Purple is a color that's been used since ancient times to show dignity. This very elegant color is full of a high-class feel.
Delicate Kyoto elegance can be felt through this inviting color.
A chic color that emphasizes the patterns. A rare item with a high-class feel.

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