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  "Trivia" What's the difference between pottery and porcelain?

  Pottery Porcelain
Raw Materials Pottery Soil Porcelain Stones
Water-Absorbing Properties Yes Its best to properly dry before storing. In particular, please be careful of the development of mold when stored in high places! No Wipe away any water with a cloth and its ready for storage.
Heat-Retention Properties Yes Does not heat or cool down easily No Heats and cools easily.
Shock-Absorbent Weak Weak against shocks as compared to porcelain Strong Although strong against shocks as compared to pottery, there are circumstances where its weak from the side.
Thermal Shock Property Strong Nothing in particular to take care of Wear Cracks may form in cases of high temperature difference
Hardness As the foundation is rough and baked at moderately low temperatures, it may be prone to breaking. With a detailed foundation baked at relatively high temperatures, its fairly strong.
Translucency The foundation includes colors. Light doesn't pass through. The foundation is white which allows for light to pass through.
Reverberation Fairly low, muddy sound. Metallic, clear sound.
Type Examples Masuko Yaki, Satsuma Yaki, Hagi Yaki, etc. Tobe Yaki, Arita Yaki, Kutani Yaki, etc.
Bake Temperature Baked at a temperature less than porcelain, lowest approx. 1200°C is most common.
As a gentle bake, the temperature may even go lower than 1000°C.
Generally baked at high temperatures, averaging around 1300°C.

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