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Tradition Craftsman Shinji Kurimori
1993 2-Week Participation at the England-Japan Festival (Ministry of Trade and Industry)
1994 Participation in the China/Japan Traditional Craftsman Exchange (Ministry of Trade and Industry)
1996 Participation at the Overseas Exhibit at Melbourne, Australia (Ministry of Trade and Industry)
2000 In accordance of the exhibit held at the International Jamboree in Akita Moriyoshi, at the city museum the Crown Prince of Japan explained the past and present manufacturing processes of Magewappa.

Awards Received
1993 Traditional Crafts of Japan Design Award
1997 Traditional Crafts of Japan Chamber of Commerce Presidental Award
1999 Reception of 3 Long Life Design Awards
Beautiful and useable Items with a Deep Flavor

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The "Good Design Award" was originally founded by the Ministry of International Trade and commerce in 1957, and was re-designed in 1998 by the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization. The G-Mark is known worldwide as a mark that represents deep adaptability, and trust. Based not just on"beautiful form", but also taking into account "quality materials", "safety features", "functionality", and "consideration for the environment", this G-Mark is used to products that the consumer can put their good faith in. To ensure that consumers can securely purchase goods made by authentic traditional crafts, the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry has designated certain arts, techniques, and materials. Any good that passes the requirement set for each region receives the "Traditional Licence Certification", which was designed with the "Traditional Mark". Also, any good that uses traditional crafts materials and passes the regional inspection receives the "Materials Certification."

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