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About Marugame Uchiwa

An Ancient Air Conditioner  Won't you do your bit for the environment with an uchiwa?

The Strong Designs Are Part of Their Charm! Find the one that appeals to you.

Marugame Uchiwa Names

Names of the Parts of the Uchiwa Names of the Parts of the Uchiwa
Maru-E Hira-E Kumi

The Uchiwa Shape (Uchiwa Skeleton)
Mangetsu Kyomaru shichihachitaki Shouwa Ichimonji

Scenes of Production


A Cool, Graceful Feeling Drifts By: Cloth Uchiwa "Fuufu"
Very light to hold, as if it's dancing on air

Looks Refreshing; A Beautiful Uchiwa Also Popular as an Ornament

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