This video shows how to apply base makeup with a face powder brush that can hold lots of powder.
Take plenty of foundation powder on the brush, then get rid of excess by brushing once against your hand. Gently spread the powder evenly over your whole face using the tip of the brush. Work from the center of your face outwards. Spread powder over your forehead from the middle out, and from the top of the bridge of your nose down. Take care not to apply so much powder that visible powder remains on your face. Applying too much will stop your makeup holding well.
See how much better liquid foundation applies with a brush than with a sponge or your fingers.
Take liquid foundation on the back of your hand, then apply appropriate amounts to your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin using your middle finger. Spread outwards using brush. On areas where your pores are particularly visible, work foundation in to the extent that brush marks are visible, then pat lightly with your hand or a sponge to blend into your skin.
This video shows you how to do eye makeup with brushes. There are several brushes for this, and if you use them correctly you'll easily be able to put on eye makeup that looks great every time. See how much better a brush is than the more common sponges!
Take eye color powder on brush and brush once across the back of your hand to remove excess powder. Cover the whole eyelid in a light color to cover darker discolored areas. Using a larger shadow brush will enable you to quickly and easily complete this step.
See how to work up a good lather with a face-washing brush. Also shows how to wash brush after using.
These brushes are made of natural hairs, so they need to be treated and cared for carefully. If the bristles splay and feel unpleasant against your skin, it is time to wash the brush.
Fill a basin with cold water, add soap or shampoo, then gently move brush backwards and forwards in water.
For large brushes, following up with conditioner will improve the brush's shape and feel against your skin.
After rinsing thoroughly and wiping off moisture with a towel, place in a brush stand etc. and allow to dry naturally.

Soaking the handle for long periods may result in the handle and brush head separating. If there is a fault with your brush, please contact JSHOPPERS.