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A Mysterious Calm   An Ancient and Traditional Flame
Vegetable oil produces little smoke that does not easily dirty its surroundings.
Strong against wind, the flame does not go out in moderate winds.

Best as an Interior Item Japanese Candle Delicately Illustrated By A Painter
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Creation of Wa-Rosoku

The Labor of Kigake
The Wick Made From Wrapping Rush Around Japanese Paper
Handling Wax That's Approximately 50℃ With Bare Hands
Under Coating Process
Upper Coating Process
Pulling Out The Core
Cinnabar Application Process

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Colors of the Ancient City
(5Candles w/Paulownia Box)
JP¥ 3,520
Tree Wax Rod Style Candle w/Paulownia Box, 1.5
JP¥ 3,780 ~
Illustrated Candle w/Stand (4 Candles)
JP¥ 9,950
Decorative Candle Stand
JP¥ 1,760

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Established in 1887, a rare item from Kyoto that protects and continues ancient traditions.
Recognized as an Old-Established Shop of Kyoto by the Kyoto Prefecture Governor

Instructions for Use
About The Wick
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