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Kyoyuzen  Classic Shop Okaju

Okajyu Born from the aristocratic culture of Kyoto,And with hand-painted and hand-dyed colors the world's never seen before Kyoyuzen has inherited this 200 year tradition. To make items that invoke feeling from our customers…
Bringing The Pure Traditional Pattern Into The Modern World
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Fude Brush Pen Pocket Watch
  ・There are 15 different types of case patterns.
・2 of the exclusive cartridges are included for you to enjoy long use of this item.
A Mature Item To Enjoy A Casual Japanese Feel

Works great as a dangling accessory from your handbag or belt.Add a little playfulness to your everyday wear.

Lacquered Magnifying Glass Handkerchief & Bandana & Wrapping Cloth
The trendy pendant type. Enjoy it like an accessory.

Plenty of Varieties of Handkerchiefs and Bandanas, Recommended As A Present

Kyoyuzen  Classic Shop Okajyu

The traditional pattern booklet of the Okaju Warehouse currently features many pure and modern patterns for today's world.

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Okaju goods are also available through KYOTO PREMIUM.  
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