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Hold it once, and you'll never want to let it go  The combination of high-class beauty and usability [Suzuki] Tin containers,a container for a lifetime

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A Depth That Comparable To Wine  The Recommendation of [Nihonshu-Sake]

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No Need To Change The Water Filter?! The Surprising Effects of Suzuki

"Old things should be treasured as a part of tradition, However, that doesn't mean we should stop progressing. Continuing to acquire new items that match that era, as well as repeat and connect that process -that is how we inherit and continue tradition."

The History of Suzuki, The Representative Container of Japan

Directions for Care of tin & Caution of Usage Points
  • After use, wash with detergent, and please be sure to dry it completely. If even a drop of water is left, it may cause staining, so please be sure to thoroughly dry with a cloth or towel.

  • For stains such as fingerprints, wipe clean with a gentle cloth to return its luster and enjoy its beauty for a long time.

  • As this is exceptionally soft metal, when polishing please avoid scraping with polish powders, steel brushes, or other hard items.

  • Please do not leave in the freezer for prolonged periods of time.

  • As a food container, please do not place directly into contact with fire or flames. Also, please avoid use with gas or electric burners, and dishwashing machines.

  • The color may be subject to change if you put any acidic materials inside of it (such as vinegar).

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