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讃岐提灯 Sanuki Lanterns
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A Traditional Skill Passed Down From Father To Only One Son

They can make and alther shapes that no other store can.

Tools used when making lanterns

the Secret Sanuki Ippon Gake Lanterns

On the innermost lantern a dragon, and on the middle lantern a sutra is painted. Turn on the light and it becomes even more beautiful, and the craftman's level of skill becomes even more clear.

Isamu Noguchi also came to learn Japan's most advanced techniques

Isamu Noguchi "AKARI"

Only one shop in Japan! Using the secret techniques of the Sanuki Ippon Gake Lantern and the advanced New Sanuki Ippon Gake, lanterns are being created in a variety of shapes and colors, and with a range of patterns and designs.

Kabuki Picture lanterns

Sanuki Udon Lantern

The products listed on our home page are just a sample of what is available.



Product Introduction

Recommended as a Decoration with a Japanese Style.
Yumibari Lantern Round Type
Size: Diameter 24 x Height 31cm
JPY 27,400~
Yumibari Lantern Long Type
Size: Diameter 25 x Height 50cm
JPY 27,400~

Did You Know?

Characters, letters and colors can be added to the lanterns. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Takabari Lantern
Listed price is for a plain lantern. If interested in a lantern with lettering or a pattern, please contact us.
Yumibari Lantern Long Type ・ Round Type

Kagawa Prefecture Traditional Crafts Mark

A mark indicating a traditional craft product of Kagawa Prefecture.
Indicates an product for use in everyday life recognised as being created using traditional materials and techniques passed down from at least the Meiji era.

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