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Snuki Bamboo Ittou Carving
The Texture of Bamboo + The Heart and Technique of a Master Craftsman
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A Passion for Bamboo Ittou Carving
A Rare Attention to Materials
A Charm that Invites Fortune Hidari Uma("Loft Horse")
Theories About the "Left Horse"

Moso bamboo with the roots still attached has a powerful presence. Hang on a wall, or place on display.
JPY150,000 JPY150,000 JPY150,000

Add a single seasonal flower to create a work of art. A vase that highlights the texture of the bamboo.
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Our recommendations who those who want a decoration that they can easily display. Small pieces to hang on walls or put on display.
Sanuki Bamboo Ittou Carving Hangable Ornament [Sumo Wrestlers]
Length: 15cm-18cmWidth: 13cm-14cmWeight: 250g-300g

JPY 20,000


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