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SUVE Naderu Brush,​ 2 Pieces

JP¥ 10,000   (US$ 79.78)
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[Features]These 2 brushes stimulate the lymphatic system like a massage by a professional therapist. You can spend a graceful time as if you are in a salon while revitalizing the original luster and beauty of your skin.
[Effects] Lymph drainage is a technique of massage that puts together foreign bodies and waste in the body and excretes them by draining the lymph. It tenderly stimulates the lymphatic system which is vulnerable to fatigue, cold, stress, hormone imbalance, etc and gives you clear, truly beautiful skin without swelling and darkening.
●Materials: PBT,​ Aluminum,​ walnut
●Total Length: 148mm
●Wool length: 30mm
●Thickness: W32 x D11mm
Pressure the skin gently so that the brushes would touch the lymph which flows some 2mm below the skin.
Apply the same strength of pressure symmetrically using both hands.
It's recommended to use it 3-4 times on each portion of the body.
1. Starting from the jaw,​ move the brushes along the face line to below the ears. Then,​ move them to hollows of the clavicles to the sides of neck.
2. From smile lines to mouth. Then,​ keep moving them along the face line to beneath the ears.
3. From the bridge of the nose,​ through the temple and back of the ears,​ to beneath the ears.
4. From the brow to the temples through the eyebrows.
5. From the hairline to beneath ears through the temples and back of the ears. Then,​ move them through the side of the neck to the clavicles.
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SUVE Naderu Brush,​ 2 Pieces
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