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Black Clay Split Base (Powder Spray) Small Plate

JP¥ 1,000   (US$ 7.98)
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Perfect when you want to show off your best tableware.
Indulge in a cup with an amiable friend. Pair seasonal dishes and eye-catching tableware to liven up your dining experience.
Bankoyaki made with indigo clay blends into the scenery of the main course to present it at its best.

This item is a little something special. It is a traditionally crafted piece of Bankoyaki ware from Yokkaichi in Mie Prefecture.
A style of pottery often used for teapots, this example of Yokkaichi Bankoyaki uses a fine type of indigo-colored clay which contains larger amounts of iron, which when fired for a prolonged period under high-reduction conditions results in extremely low permeability.
A new type of tableware is born by putting to work this special characteristic in everything from teapots to dishes.
●Materials: Ceramic
●Made in Yokkaichi,​ Mie
●Brand Name: Bankoyaki
●Size: 15.7 x 2.5cm
●Weight (product only)[g]: 220
●Weight (incl. packaging)[g]: 260
●Handling Note: Please keep out of direct flame and do not use in an oven.
●Other Note:
*This product is made from Yokkaichi Bankoyaki purple clay.
*In the event that this product is out of stock,​ it will be manufactured after confirming your order. Depending on the item,​ delivery may be delayed. For inquiries regarding delivery timeframe,​ please contact customer support.
Item No.  W08063

Black Clay Split Base (Powder Spray) Small Plate
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