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Hiroshima Prefecture,​ Kumano Fude,​ Makeup Brush [Mizuho Brush] Large Face Washing Brush,​Komari[W005]

JP¥ 6,000   (US$ 47.87)
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This face cleansing brush uses the highest quality natural goat hair that is soft and easily creates a lather. The tips of this face washing brush made using unique methods are gentle on the skin and provide proper washing. With a cute Japanese komari pattern.

●Made using a blend of the highest quality goat hair and resilient ultra-fine synthetic hair that creates plentiful smooth lather. Constructed so that only the natural goat hairs touch the skin, and not the synthetic hairs, for a soft cleansing sensation. The blast-processed handle fits well against the palm and is easy to grip. The service life of this brush will depend on its usage environment, but after around 6 months abrasion and broken hairs may occur. Please kindly acknowledge this before purchasing the item. (Item is attached to its own hook-style stand.)

●Wet the brush and add cleansing foam or soap. Move in circular motions on the palm of your hand to create lather. Little by little add more water. By capturing air inside, you can easily create lather. If you add too much water it may be difficult to create a good lather. Wash your face with the created lather. Also, please try to not rub the brush on your face.

●By washing your face by massaging it with the ultra-fine hairs, you can get rid of dead skin while cleansing to remove pore impurities. Use approximately once a week.
●Material: [Brush Hair] highest quality goat hair,​ PBT,​ [Handle] ABS,​ [Holder] ABS
●Size (approx. mm): [Total Length] 62,​ [Hair Length] 34,​ [Thickness] 27,​ [Holder] 75
●Weight (g) (item only): 58
●Weight (g) (including packaging materials): 70
●Made in Kumano,​ Hiroshima Prefecture
●Brand Name: Mizuho Brush
●Before Using:
*Leaving soap,​ face cleansing foam,​ water etc on the brush,​ may cause the hair to become badly worn,​ break or fall out.
*After using,​ wash properly. Do not put away while still in a wet state.
*To remove moisture,​ squeeze the brush tips. (Should lather appear when you do this,​ this means it is still soapy so wash again.)
*Shake the brush tip as many times as you can to get rid of moisture.
*Should the brush tip be clumped together,​ loosen it with your hand so that air is able to pass through to the center of the brush.
*To dry,​ hang with a string or hook onto the stand in the shade,​ in a place with as good ventilation as possible. Do not leave inside the bathroom or washroom. (By pointing the brush tips downward,​ moisture is better dispersed.)
*Depending on your constitution,​ itchiness,​ skin irritation,​ a rash,​ etc.,​ may occur due to an allergic reaction. Should you experience any abnormalities,​ discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor.
●Usage Precautions:
*Do not use if this does not agree with your skin,​ or if you have a would or eczema.
*Should you observe any abnormalities such as redness,​ itching,​ etc.,​ continuing to use may worsen your symptoms,​ so it recommended that you discontinue use and consult a dermatologist.
*Store out of reach of children. Be aware of your surroundings and use in a safe place out of view.
●Usage Instructions:
1.Properly moisten brush tips of face washing brush with water.
2.Put soap on the palm of your hand,​ add a suitable amount of water and move in a circular motion to create lather.
3.Gently wash face using the lathered up brush tip. (1-2 times a week is standard. Use while paying attention to your skin condition)
4.Depending on the state of your skin,​ you can also take the created lather in your hands and wash your face with it.
5.After use,​ properly rinse brush tip,​ place upside-down in holder and dry in the shade in a well-ventilated place.
(When washing your face,​ do so using the lather created by the brush or using the brush with lather attached to it.)
●Caring for the brush:
*After using,​ clean off soap properly by rinsing.
Leaving soap on the brush will cause it to deteriorate more quickly. Properly rinse off soap,​ down to the base portion of the brush,​ with running water. Thoroughly get rid of moisture,​ put in its holder and leave to dry in the shade in a well-ventilated place.
*Please use a soap containing natural ingredients.
Synthetic type ingredients with detergent power are more likely to impair the original oils in the brush hairs. Therefore,​ a soap derived from natural ingredients is recommended. Also. scrubbing face cleansers will cause the hair to wear,​ so refrain from using them.
*The natural goat hair can be used from approx. 6 months to 1 year.
This face washing brush is made of a mixture of natural goat hair and synthetic hair. As a result of use,​ the natural goat hair will wear away while the synthetic hair will remain. Should the sensation against your skin change,​ refrain from using on your face,​ and use on the elbows,​ heels,​ etc.
*As each item is hand-made one-by-one,​ hair shape,​ size and weight may differ slightly.
*Should there be no stock,​ manufacture will take place after order placement. Depending on the item,​ delivery may be delayed. Please contact customer service regarding the delivery date.
Item No.  W08904

Hiroshima Prefecture,​ Kumano Fude,​ Makeup Brush [Mizuho Brush] Large Face Washing Brush,​Komari[W005]
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