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NEW tetu Teapot,​ Nanbu Tekki / Koizumi Makoto

JP¥ 20,000   (US$ 183.76)
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The source of iron is iron ore formed hundreds of millions of years ago. This ore is melted and shaped, creating a material that is very long-lasting. Also, as cast iron is created by pouring melted iron into a sand mold, a sandy appearance forms on the surface, softening the hard appearance of iron. With its hard yet soft texture, it feels good to the touch and makes for an item you can use for many years as a daily life utensil.
As the cast iron is shaped by pouring melted iron into a sand mold, it has a thickness of around 4mm.
Easy-to-hold wooden lid
By making the lid wooden, it feels gentle to the touch and reduces the overall weight of the teapot. (Do not apply an open flame to the teapot as the wood will deform.)
Pours well (application for utility model patent currently underway)
The design of the spout tip makes for excellent pouring - an essential function of a teapot.
Nanbu Tekki
Nanbu Tekki is cast iron that has been manufactured in Iwate Prefecture since ancient times. In recent years iron kettles and tea sets made using traditional techniques have become popular, and practical cookware items made using new techniques are also being made. The technique of "kanake dome", in which an oxide layer is formed on the inside of an iron kettle preventing rust, originates from Nanbu Tekki.
●Size: W152 x D120 x H140mm
●Full Capacity approx. 0.56L
●Weight: approx. 1.1kg
●Materials: cast iron (enamel processed),​ walnut
●With stainless steel tea strainer
●Nanbu Tekki
●Made in Iwate Prefecture,​ Japan
●design: Koizumi Makoto
Item No.  W13807

NEW tetu Teapot,​ Nanbu Tekki / Koizumi Makoto
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