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Arita-Yaki Kaleidoscopes
Just One Look Takes You To Another World   Once-In-A-Lifetime Fantastical Light Art
From the Direction of World-Renowned Kaleidoscope Maker, Koji Yamami,  Come the World's First Porcelain Kaleidoscopes

A collaboration between the wondrous, healing kaleidoscope and the 400 history of Arita-yaki.

Kaleidoscope Types: Which One Will You Choose?
Look through the Teleido Type and see:

The Secret Story of Their Creation

Kaleidoscope Creator  Koji Yamami

Producers of Arita-Yaki  Koransha
Producers of Arita-Yaki  Gen-emon Kiln

Also very popular as presents. Magical items that heal the soul.


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