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Arita-Yaki Fountain Pens
Transcending the Borders of Traditional Crafts to Become Art
Koransha and Gen-emon Kiln, famous producers of Arita-yaki who follow a 400-year tradition.
The fountain pens of Sailor, which have supported hand-written culture for close to 100 years. Now, their collaboration is complete.

Gen-emon Kiln

The Japanese government chose to give Arita-yaki fountain pens as gifts to VIPs from every country that attended the 2008 G8 Summit held in July at Lake Toya, Hokkaido. Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda presented them to the leaders of seven countries and the President of the European Commission.

Made with techniques requiring the soul of a craftsperson.The integrated nib is the secret behind the ease of writing.
A superior glide when writing comes only from the skill of a master.
Processes that have made possible the unification of materials difficult to combine.

Making the Nib
Ball Attachment
Saw Splitting

For a satisfied rest after writing.   The best fountain pen is wrapped in the best materials.



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