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Sushi Choko Dish

JP¥ 11,550 - JP¥ 19,550   (US$ 107.47 - US$ 181.91)
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This sushi dish was devised to allow you to enjoy to enjoy sushi and sashimi drained of soy sauce. Using too much soy sauce leads to excessive salt intake, and it destroys the flavor of the ingredients. This dish adds a slope to the conventional soy sauce dish design, so the soy sauce is controlled and there's also a usable space it doesn't even touch! In the shape of the inkstones used in calligraphy. Hold the round part and raise it to your mouth when you eat to avoid drips. You can also use it with other foods such as steamed vegetables, and for other condiments such as salt, vinegar and olive oil.
●Size: length 11cm x width 5.5cm x height 2cm
●Weight: 110g
●Materials: ceramic
●5-Piece Set
Item No.  W02387R1

Sushi Choko Dish
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