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Fukusengama, Arita  Kurashi Tableware
Attracting international interest: the formula for tasty, healthy Japanese food. KURASHI NO RYOURIKI
Japanese porcelain originated in Arita. Its 400 year tradetion has made it a pre-eminent town in the world of ceramic.

A Delicious Formula

Cooking with Less Waste


Hiromitsu Nozaki

Easily enjoy real dashi stock every day in your own home!

Dashi Stock Pot

JPY 8,000

Refrigerate and carry to the table.
Cold-Water Dashi Stock pot & Cup

JPY 9,000

Basic Instructions

Bring fun to the dinner table!
Rice Ball and Lightly Pickled Vegetable Maker

JPY 3,500

How to Make Rice Balls

How to Make Lightly Pickled Vegetables

Sloped to avoid extra soy sauce

Sushi Choko

JPY 11,000 ~ 19,000

Small dishes you can steam in a steamer

Toribachi Dishes

JPY 2,000
A versatile dish that also measures.

Taste-Test Choko

JPY 4,500
For a healthier table. A dish that nicely drains olive oil.

Olive Oil Dish

JPY 2,300 Small   2,800 Big

Olive oil and salt with steamed vegetables...

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