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A technique passed down from father to only one son
The history of Takayama Chasen
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One of the Traditions of Japan  Tea Ceremony
Koi Cha

Usu Cha

Differences in names depending on tine number

Varieties of chasen

Source Bamboo
Shiratake(white bamboo)
2- or 3-year-old hachiku bamboo, which is very hard and fibrous, makes good material. Bamboo harvested in November and December is boiled, cleaned of oil and dirt, bleached in the winter sun until it becomes white, and put into storage.
Black bamboo(shichiku), soot-colored bamboo
An initially white bamboo used in Japanese houses, but colored by smoke from fireplaces to become brown. Today, thatched roofs are becoming less common, and so the natural material is hard to obtain.

Did You Know? High-Quality Bamboo and the Edison Light bulb

Bamboo considered good for chasen is said to be that taken from the mountains of Hyogo, Nara, Kyoto, and other areas on the Pacific Ocean side of the Kinki region. This is because the soil in that area is low in nutrients, causing the bamboo there to grow strong and be perfect for making sturdy chasen.
That Edison used Japanese bamboo for the filament of the world's first light bulb is well known, but in fact that bamboo was madake bamboo from Hachiman City in Kyoto, very near Takayama.

Stages of Production

Takayama Chasen Traditional Craftsman Kubo Sabun

At JCRAFTS, we sell only safe, high-quality Japanese-made chasen.

Sun-dried bamboo 
The sight of bamboo intended for chasen drying in the sun reminds one of Takayama in winter.

Tea ceremony even beginners can easily enjoy

Nodate parasol(Normal form)

Outdoor Nodatekago Set

A look at TakayamaChasen Item's

I want to buy with chasen  Green tea cups
Bowl-shaped Maccha Bowl
The traditional Tenmoku glaze. The delicate oil droplets bring out the beauty of this container.
Green Tea Bowl w/lid, Colorful Bamboo Patter
Pure Japanese-style bamboo in gold foil. With a lid made exclusively from lacquer, this is a rare item with a gallant impression.
Irabo Maccha Bowl
Yellow coloring done in the Iraho method gives this cup a deep flavor. The materials also adds to the expression.
Flavor of Ume Plum Maccha Bowl
Red, white, and gold plum tree carefully painted on the relaxed and expressionistic foundation for a high-quality tea bowl.
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