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Japanese Beauty, Quality and Wisdom of Living From Japan to 120 countries worldwide

From finely crafted authentic Japanese craft items to accessory items to suit your everyday modern lifestyle; JCRAFTS.com is an online shop that sells all these great items with engrained Japanese spirit to 120 countries worldwide.

Spruce up your life in the good-old Japanese style!

A truly enriched life requires a touch of class.
Taking care to place subtle beauty in various aspects of life, being proud of high skills, and taking care to use items created with such skills for as long as you can.
This spirit is sure to greatly enrich your life.



Beauty of Simplicity - Elegant simplicity and minimal decoration which adapts to your daily life can be found here.

Beauty of Special Moments - Infuse your life with a momentary flash of the extraordinary.  Beauty like a short but brilliant dream can be found here.

Pursuit of Craftsmanship - The tradition of inheriting form and improving art is not limited to the samurai. Incomparable craftsmanship can be found here.

Well Thought-Out Design - Tools are meant to be used.  Smart design that takes into account their increasing value as they are used can be found here.

First Class - Elegance, skill and craftsmanship

Daily - Beauty of simplicity, daily comfort

Special - Beauty of special moments, flash of the extraordinary

Gifts - For the special people in your life

Jcrafts supports the inheritance of traditional Japanese beauty andcraftsmanship by delivering its value to people around the world.

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